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Applied Functional Anatomy Series

Learn functional anatomy of the major bones and joints of the body in a fun, engaging, practical way through postural yoga practice. This course is recommended for both yoga teachers and dedicated yoga students alike. With a total of 8 hours of continuing education spread over 4 workshops, you'll come away with a renewed sense of appreciation for your body and a deeper understanding for the effects that yoga asana has on it for the maintenance of it's healthy functional.

Content Covered

What problems does this course help yoga teachers and students to overcome?

Teachers will be able to let go of feeling like:

  • You don’t know how to help students whose needs are different than yours

  • You don’t know enough about anatomy to really help people

  • You wish you could better understand why students aren’t listening to you or following your cues

  • You can see that some postures aren’t working for some people but you don’t know what else to suggest

  • You can sense that students are often struggling with postures in your class, but you don’t know what to do or say to help them to have a better experience

  • Working with students 1:1 is intimidating

  • There is a “correct way” and an “incorrect way” to do any posture

  • With the “right” alignment, you will be able to prevent all injuries

  • Some students just should never do certain postures in order to be safe

  • Certain yoga postures are “bad” and should never be taught


Students will be able to let go of feeling like:

  • Yoga, or certain postures, just isn’t/aren’t for you (sometimes that's the case, but rarely!)

  • Something is wrong with your body which is why you can’t practice yoga

  • You aren't strong enough for yoga

  • You aren't flexible enough for yoga

  • Pain in yoga is just a given

  • You're not progressing in their postural practice

  • You wish you could be more in touch with how you feel in your body when you're practicing

  • You have a sense that there's got to be an easier way to approach yoga but you don't know where to start


"It is a whole different experience learning the anatomy in a group setting and in a playful exploratory way. The sessions didn't feel so much like I am studying a science but I felt as though I was coming to explore and learn about my body and the people who I got to take the course with. Learning from a lecture, or reading or diagrams truly can't compare to actually learning about the body with your body and other bodies."
- Course Participant, Spring 2021

Where is this course being offered?

This course is being offered as a part of the London Yoga Market, a weekend conference-style weekend hosted by Shangrila Yoga in London, ON from September 15-17, 2023. Check the event's website for pricing and schedule details.

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The Schedule

Friday, September 15  |  6:30-8:30PM  |  Knees and Hip Joints

Saturday, September 16  |  2:30-4:30PM  |  Shoulders 

Saturday, September 16  |  5:00-7:00PM  |  The Spine: Backbends and Side Bends

Sunday, September 17  |  11:00AM - 1PM  |  The Spine: Twists

How to register?

Check out the pricing options available at the London Yoga Market and shoot an email with the following details to

  1. The package you'd like to purchase

  2. The sessions you'd like to register for

Participants are welcome to register for any number of sessions (though the content is so good you'll want to take them all!)

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