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We practice based on a monthly curriculum. This means that there’s a central point of focus in a set sequence for each class for about 4-6 weeks. Repetition allows us to:

  • Develop competency within the skills that you are learning

  • Relax by developing familiarity with the sequence

  • Feel confident that you will be safe knowing what movements are included in each class

  • Learn how to modify the movements to suit your needs

  • Develop strength by adapting to new challenges

  • Keep the mind sharp and present thanks to novelty and newness every month

We also host two special events per month:

  1. Satsang (a meeting of the Wise) is a gathering to discuss traditional yogic texts and philosophy

  2. Specialty Pop Up Classes give the opportunity to explore different movement modalities

New Students

  • Please sign this waiver and send it to hello@katarinayoga.com before your first class.

  • Choose your class from the timetable above and click “Book Now”.

  • You'll be connected to Ribbon, our host, where you can create an account and buy passes or a membership.

  • An email with the Zoom link is sent out thirty minutes before class starts.

  • New class recordings are uploaded on a weekly basis to the on-demand library. This services is available to members only.