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October at Katarina Yoga

Come October, Katarina Yoga is moving to a monthly curriculum model of classes. This means we’ll be following a (more or less) set sequence for each of the classes on the weekly schedule for 4-6 weeks. The classes will focus on a muscular group, a philosophical theme, a joint action, a peak posture, etc. so that we can learn better and see how our bodies/minds progress in a certain skill over time.

Let's walk through how this decision came to be...

Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing some thinking about the following:  - how classes have been going - how humans learn things - how movement progresses - the key principles of training - the idea of getting “better” at something I’ve also been listening to a few different senior yoga teachers and their approach to teaching monthly group classes. 

To learn anything, we have to repeat the thing (movement, task, etc.) many times. This also creates a feeling of ease, familiarity, and comfort. But, with too much repetition of the same thing, we can plateau, stop learning, grow weaker and we don’t develop new skills. There’s a balance that can be found between the two opposites of repetition and novelty and this is what I’d like to try to strike with our schedule. Moving to a monthly sequence curriculum model, this will allow you to fully wrap your mind around and embody the movements and skills we’re learning so that *hopefully* by the end of the month you can get a sense having progressed in some way. Progression could look like learning a new posture, learning an old posture with a new approach, developing more strength in a part of your body, developing more mobility in a certain joint range, developing more flexibility within a certain muscle group. Overall, I’m excited about this change and am keen to give it a go.  This will allow me to be more effective as a teacher as well. When you know the sequences better, I’ll be freer to be at the camera with you while you’re moving and to even offer some direct feedback while you practice. I think we’ll all benefit from short periods of repetition.

The theme for October is *drum roll please*


‘Cuz Lord knows we need it with all this sitting….

Think glute & hamstring strength, mobile hip flexors and happier lower backs & knees. Think Warrior 1, Warrior 3, Bow, Locust, Bird/Dog, squats, hip bridges and MORE.

To conclude, I’m feeling really good about the direction that this community of practitioners is moving in! With our monthly *pop up* classes and Satsang (both big successes with good attendance and feedback) and now we have weekly classes with monthly themes. Also, I’m in the process of researching a video hosting service who can hold the large library of recorded classes that we’ve been building so that members will have access to an on-demand selection of classes to do at your leisure in compliment to the live classes offered.

If you have any feedback to share with me privately about your experience with Katarina Yoga to date, please email me. If you could give a 5-star review on my Google business page here that would be AWESOME!!!

With great gratitude,


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