The practice of Yoga Nidra is the practice of Yogic Sleep. The intent of this bundle of recordings is that you will be taken on a journey deeper and deeper into the body and thus your consciousness as the sessions progress. You might consider making a resolve to practice these recordings nightly for seven days in a row as a reset for your nervous system to promote deep rest, quality sleep and a to reconnect with one's self.  


Yoga Nidra will lead you into the hypnogogic state, a state of mind between wakefulness and sleep where the body is asleep but the mind remains alert and awake. 


In several of the recordings in this bundle, you'll find that there are mantras incorporated while focusing on different parts of the body in order to heighten one's awareness of the chosen nerve plexus. 


This is a practice that is accessible to all who can hear the guided instructions with musical accompaniment from the album of Garth Stevenson, Flying

Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation

  • These Yoga Nidra recordings incorporate music written and played by Garth Stevenson. 

    To order a handmade CD of Flying visit: The CD cases were handmade in the mountains of Nepal, using traditional Nepalese Lokta paper. Each case was hand silk-screened and tied shut with small, beeswax-coated brown thread, woven through orange beads.


    Flying is a 75 minute soundtrack to life or whatever you want it to be. The music is inspired by my experiences in nature, particularly from a life changing trip to Antarctica last year. The 14 tracks range from solo bass and minimalist piano to fully produced pieces with layers of bowed melodies, percussion, organ and voice.

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