We're all built differently. A posture or cue that works for one person, may not be applicable to the next. Private yoga classes are an excellent way to have your body's needs met with the focus of a teacher exclusively on you.


Whether your goals are to develop strength, mobility, flexibility, injury rehab, or a particular movement/posture that you're working towards, you can ask for what you want. Practice one-on-one with me to explore your body's capabilities, develop resilience and cultivate calm in your life. Based on your needs, classes can incorporate movement principles from hatha and vinyasa yoga, Pilates, breathwork and deep rest, 

We can work around your schedule so that your practice remains a priority in your life. 


Intake    90min    $110


1 Class        

Duration (minutes)    60    90

Private                       90    105

Semi-Private           120    150


10 Classes        

Duration (minutes)    60        90

Private                       700      850<— Best Value!

Semi-Private           1000    1200

*10 class packages must be used within 2 years of purchase date

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