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Katarina Yoga

Growth through the Playground of Practice

We take an integral approach to Yoga. We see Yoga practice as an epic playground, one to be explored with genuine curiosity, an eagerness to learn and a willingness to experience transformation.

We’re for the ones who are looking for a Life Practice. 

We offer the whole package: strength, mobility, flexibility, breathwork, meditation, philosophy and deep Savasanas. We honour these elements with a balance of effort and ease, repetition and novelty, focus and relaxation, discipline and fun. 

Yoga is about growth, transformation and freedom. It’s a long and winding road; thankfully we’ll walk it together.

About the Online Studio

Three live classes per week in different styles

Rotating curriculum of live classes

Library of 80+ recorded on-demand classes

LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC friendly, trauma aware, Feminist-led, all-bodies welcome culture 

Live class recordings sent via email

Kat is a skilled teacher who is committed to her continued education and truly understanding movement and this shows in how she expertly weaves together her classes. My body always feels supported and challenged which is quite a feat. Kat’s deep relationship with not only the physicality of yoga but also the spirituality of yoga is a massive asset. I really appreciate how she isn’t just reciting texts or words, she builds a relationship with the teachings and shares from this place. Kat approaches everything she does with such integrity, care, and passion. Plus she’s playful which is so beautifully necessary!

I have been attending Katarina's on line classes since June 2020 and my hips and lower back are both stronger and more flexibe and there has been a great reduction of pain and discomfort that was brought on by being so neglected due to spending way too much time sitting at the computer. I'm 72 and I find that, while some of the sequences are challenging, there are always different approaches presented such that I know how to work with what I feel is best for my body. Highly recommended.

- Martin S., Canada

- Yvette L., Canada

Weekly Live Online Class Schedule

10:30-11:45AM EST

5:15-6:15PM EST

9:30-10:30AM EST

Functional Vinyasa
Subtle Practice

Online/In-Person Class

Innovation Works London, 201 King St., London, ON

Thursday, Oct 21
6:30-7:30PM EST

Slow Flow

*in-person participants must show proof of double vaccination


Yoga is not about self-improvement or making ourselves better. It is a process of deconstructing all the barriers we may have erected that prevent us from having an authentic connection with ourselves and the world.

- Donna Farhi

Hi! I'm Katarina

I'm a teacher, mentor and course facilitator. I serve students who are invested in leading ethical lives centred around transformation, joy and community.

After more than a decade of working closely with clients and groups—and through personal and professional exploration—I’ve shaped a multidisciplinary practice that weaves together a variety of movement and philosophy paradigms into a fluid yet practical and effective methodology that lead to an awakened life.

To provide my services to the most people I can, I offer flexible pricing and scheduling through live and recorded classes. I believe yoga should be accessible to all. It’s important now, more than ever, that we have access to services that promote self-awareness and connection to one's community.

I live in a plant-filled home in London, Ontario, Canada that I share with my wife, Christa, and two cats, Piccolo and Pipa.