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Sweetness in Sayulita Yoga Retreat
with Katarina Wittkamp

Sayulita, Mexico | January 23-28, 2025

If you’ve felt the calling to deepen your yoga practice (or to recommit to it), get some sun on your skin and take a break from the cold, create community and reconnect with the sweetness of life...

this yoga retreat is for you!

Have you ever dreamed of going on a yoga retreat?

Imagine escaping to paradise with an itinerary specifically curated to nurture your sense of well-being and connection to nature… where you can let go of your day-to-day responsibilities, get some R&R and make new friends. Simply put this retreat is designed to help you reconnect to the sweetness of life!

Whether you’ve just begun your journey with yoga recently – or you’re a seasoned practitioner – this retreat is designed to help you progress in your practice and deepen your connection to yourself. Active morning classes will invigorate you to get you going for the day’s adventures (or a series of naps by the pool 😉). Optional afternoon yoga will set you up for a relaxing evening with friends over dinner and stargazing or creating connections at the bonfire.

Experience the benefits of consistent yoga practice, time in nature, holistic meals, rest, alone time, sunshine and social time… When you do you’ll feel energized, whole, content and ready to return to your life at home with renewed energy.


You’ll remember: life is sweet!


I invite you to join me and a group of like-minded people on a six-day holiday to Sayulita, Mexico to find out what happens when you make time for yourself and your practice.

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Are you ready to Salute the Sun here? 

Our Accommodations

We’ll stay at the lovely La Joya resort, on the bluffs overlooking the ocean.

La Joya is located just outside of downtown Sayulita, making it a peaceful, relaxing getaway. Sayulita is a Mexican tourism designated ‘Pueblo Magico’ or magical town, that draws travellers from around the globe for its beginner-friendly surf, lively art, music and bohemian charm. La Joya is just a short golf cart ride from town if you want to pop in and experience its charm.


 La Joya is located on Playa Escondida, the ‘hidden beach’ and while the main beach in Sayulita is beautiful and bustling, the resort rests just above a small, secluded beach that we’ll have all to ourselves.


Every room has an ocean view, with plenty of space and solitude to allow for a sense of deep peace and serenity.

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Shared Bungalows

Perfect for a couples' holiday or a friend’s getaway. There are 8 bungalows available, each with a king-size bed, panoramic windows and a private terrace with ample ocean and jungle views. Rooms include A/C, artisanal mini-bar, fine linens, organic conditioner and shampoo, bathrobe, and bath & beach towels.

Check out more info here

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Shared Casitas

There are two casitas, a more spacious option for up to 3 guests with three twin beds, one bathroom and a large terrace with ocean and jungle views and either hammock and sitting chair or table and chairs. Rooms include A/C, artisanal mini-bar, fine linens, organic conditioner and shampoo, bathrobe, and bath & beach towels.

Check out more info here.

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Private Bungalows

Perfect for the solo traveller with a king-size bed, panoramic windows and a private terrace with ample ocean and jungle views. Rooms include A/C, artisanal mini-bar, fine linens, organic conditioner and shampoo, bathrobe, and bath & beach towels.

Check out more info here.

Yoga in paradise? Sí, por favor!
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“Kat is an extremely knowledgeable, inclusive, and compassionate yoga instructor who provides ample space for her students to adapt the class to suit their needs. Her classes are among the best I've taken during my time practicing yoga over the past 16 years.”

Jessica Polzer, Associate Professor | The University of Western Ontario, London

Your Curated Experience Includes:

  • Five (5) nights and six (6) days in a private or shared bungalow facing the sea

  • Daily invigorating morning yoga to kick start your day and optional relaxing afternoon yoga to wind down for the evening

  • Several optional early morning breathwork and meditation sessions by the ocean for sunrise

  • Five (5) dinners, five (5) breakfasts, and four (5) lunches catered to your dietary restrictions and made fresh from local ingredients

  • An evening Sound Bath to support your transition into retreat life

  • A boat trip excursion to explore the local area, snorkel, visit with marine life and take in the stunning coastal views

  • Transportation to and from the airport in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to the accommodations (on Thursday and Tuesday at designated times)

  • Unlimited access to the pool, jacuzzi, spa, sauna, cold plunge and yoga terrace to give your body whatever it desires 

  • Unlimited access to a secluded beach just down the hill, or walk into the main beach in Sayulita 

  • Pre-trip connection and preparation calls so you can get to know the other participants before you go

  • Arrival gift bag

What's Not Included?

  • Your round-trip airfare to/from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  • Spa treatments

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Personal travel insurance (required)

  • Surf lessons

I'm ready to practice yoga in paradise 🌴
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“Why do I need to retreat to deepen my practice?”

To retreat means: to step away from or to move away from.


Generally speaking, retreats are an opportunity to step away from our habitual ways of being, routines, conversations and responsibilities so that we can turn inward, reconnect with ourselves in a deeper sense and then return to our lives with renewed clarity and energy.

It’s not uncommon for folks to gain insight, and understanding and even experience breakthroughs about challenges they’ve been experiencing. Retreats allow us to perceive problems at the root and find resolution with acceptance, compassion, wisdom and ease to create forward movement in our lives or within our inner lives. 

Travel also supports these means. Travel teaches us to open our hearts and expand our minds. It inspires us to learn about other cultures, other norms, and other ways of life. And if we do it right, we come back changed. It helps us better understand ourselves, the world, and our place in it.


When we combine travel with a regular yoga practice, we give ourselves the best of both. We become inspired. We break old patterns and create new ones. We gain new perspectives. In short, we grow.

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Imagine waking up to the sound of the ocean...

...and feeling the cool breeze wafting through the open door of your beach bungalow.


You breathe it in and rub the sleep from your eyes, then make your way to the outdoor yoga platform where you’ll practice an invigorating yoga practice while taking in the sunrise. Practice will wind down with therapeutic breathwork and meditation practices designed to nurture a calm mind and peaceful heart.

Now ready for the day, you head to the open-air restaurant and order gourmet French toast and/or the most gorgeous fruit bowl you’ve ever seen and enjoy it in the company of friends. As you sip your coffee, you watch in awe as a group of whales swims by.

After breakfast, you strap on your hiking shoes and with one or two new friends, head out on a Coastal hike to Sayulita where you sit on the beach and watch the locals skillfully crush wave after wave on their surfboards. “Maybe I’ll take a lesson on one of the next free days,” you think. You come back to the resort, enjoy a gourmet lunch with the group and settle yourself in by the saltwater pool to swim, let your mind wander and doze off for a nap.

Before dinner, you get back together with the group on the deck for a chilled-out afternoon yoga practice featuring yin and restorative yoga with fascial release, breathwork and hands-on assists in savasana inspired by my training in Thai Yoga Massage.

After class, you pop back into your casita to shower off from the day and get ready for dinner. We gather to enjoy another delicious, chef-prepared meal and end the night with a bonfire on the beach where we share meaningful conversation about the gentle transformation we’re growing through together.

Mexican Street Decoration

The Magic of Sayulita, Mexico

Sayulita is a quaint beach town on Mexico’s Pacific coast backed by the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains, about an hour north of Puerto Vallarta. It’s been deemed one of Mexico’s pueblos magicos, or magic villages, and for good reason.


The vibrance and charm of this colourful fishing village have made it a hot spot for international travellers, artists and bohemian souls. This is a perfect place to unwind, go with the flow and discover more about yourself and the greater world around you.

Mexico in general is known for its rich culture, friendly people, delicious food and picturesque locations. You’ll get all of that and more in a Sayulita.

Ready to Retreat?

Place a $500 USD non-refundable deposit to secure your spot. The total investment is below.

1 / Shared Bungalows - $2499 USD

King bed, private terrace or balcony with ocean views, AC, high speed internet, yoga mat

2 / Shared Casita - $2299 USD

Three twin beds, a balcony with views of the ocean, AC, high-speed internet, kitchenette and yoga mats. Can be booked as a solo traveller to be paired with roomies.

3 / Private Bungalow - $3499 USD

King bed, private terrace or balcony with ocean views, AC, high speed internet, yoga mat

Meet Your Host

My name is Katarina Wittkamp

I’ve been traveling for nearly as long as I’ve been practicing yoga, and I often have a hard time separating the two. My time spent living in France, Australia, Vietnam and California and other adventures exploring many countries in Europe and galavanting around Asia and the Americas has unquestionably impacted the way that I relate to life, my yoga practice and the space I hold for my yoga students.

For so long, I’ve dreamed of hosting a yoga retreat in Sayulita, a place that has always stood out in my mind as having a particular magical quality to it. It has long felt like an ideal location to attune to the sweetness of life thanks to the gentleness of the locals, the abundance of vibrant food and the life-bringing energy gifted freely from nature here. To share this experience alongside a community of strangers who will quickly become friends is, simply put, a gift.

I’m so excited to invite you to Sayulita, Mexico with me, to help you make time for yourself and your practice, to inspire you to rest, to adventure, to foster a lasting community, and to help you attune to the wisdom that lives inside of you already so that you can come home with a clear mind and bright heart to meet the rest of your life with joy.

To learn more about my experience and education, click here.

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Do I have to participate in all of the activities?

Absolutely not. This is your retreat, and the activities are designed to help you relax and unwind while inspiring your connection to the sweetness of life. Morning practice sessions are recommended but the afternoon sessions are optional. If you’d rather stay out longer on your surf lesson, hiking adventure, or dozing by the pool… feel free! 

What if I've never been out of the country? 

It’s time we get you out! A yoga retreat is a perfect way to experience travelling abroad for the first time. Not only will everything be planned for you so all you have to do is show up ready to retreat, but you’ll feel welcome right away thanks to all the awesome people you're on retreat with. You’ll be gently introduced to the local culture, food and traditions while exploring one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Mexico. I can’t imagine a better first time abroad!

Can I come early or stay longer?

Of course. You will receive our group rates one day before and one day after our retreat dates as stated above, subject to availability. To qualify for these rates, extensions must be booked directly by you to the retreat center 30 days before arrival. Please email to book in. After this deadline, La Joya Sayulita's Individual rack rates (as published on La Joya Sayulita's official website) will apply for all extensions.

I have dietary restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, etc.) Will the restaurant be able to accommodate my needs?

Yes! All dietary concerns will be submitted in advance to the kitchen and you will receive wholesome, filling and fresh food like all other guests. 

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