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I first discovered yoga at the age of 18. Funnily enough, I disliked my first class! I thought my feelings had to do with everything happening in the practice room -- what was with the loud breathing and the weird postures and the laying on the floor all the time? Though those elements were uncomfortable, I later came to see that I also struggled with the self-criticism, anxiety and insecurity that I had felt for my whole life but was unacknowledged and unaddressed.


What got me to come back, was the feeling I felt after class. It happened in a moment. I took in a lung-full of cold Canadian winter air and I felt my breath more clearly in my body than I had ever before and it was like coming alive for the first time. That's when I felt like there was possibly more to this practice than meets the eye.


For the past decade I have been offering workshops and retreats in addition to private and group classes. I provide Reiki treatments and nurturing Thai Yoga Massages to my local community. For the past six years I have had the honour of acting as a mentor to recent yoga teacher trainees. I have also had the pleasure of teaching around the globe in places like Vietnam, Australia and India.

My time spent around the world gave me an incredible opportunity to develop my ability to practice and teach yoga in new ways that fit the needs of those I meet. Being able to learn and practice in North America and Asia gave me insights to many aspects of the yogic lifestyle, blending the ways of different cultures. The traditional yogic teachings I learned in this environment have profoundly impacted me and my work; the spirit of the teachings still ring true in my heart.

Yoga has become a way of life for me and I want to provide you with the opportunity to discover the capabilities of your mind and body through this centuries-old system. As someone who lives a yogic lifestyle, I can offer you the tools and opportunities that have been and continue to be so effective in bringing more acceptance, joy, and freedom into my life. The ability to combine the philosophies of the East with the science of the West allows me to deliver a truly unique experience that uses the strengths of all of the cultures I have been exposed to.

Currently, I'm studying strength, biomechanics and pain science with Kathryn Bruni-Young. Some of my other main influences are Rod Stryker, Elena Brower, Michael Stone, Tahl Rinsky, Julia Cowan, Martin Stock and Annette Mellor. Blending Eastern philosophy with Western science and psychology informs my balanced and multidisciplinary approach to yoga practice. I'm excited about what our bodies and minds are capable of. Through my yoga journey I have learned that the world gets bigger when our bodies and minds are supported in adapting to change and stress and this is what I am inspired to offer to you.


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