Hi and Welcome! I'm Katarina. 


I teach public and private yoga classes, workshops and retreats. I also offer Reiki treatments and trainings, and give nurturing Thai Yoga Massages. I've been teaching yoga for the last 10 years, mostly at Modo Yoga London but sometimes also abroad in faraway places like Vietnam, Australia and India. I teach with a healthy dose of humour and novelty which keeps students engaged, relaxed and awake to the movements we're practicing. I tend to teach in a very down-to-earth way as genuine connection and "real-ness" are qualities that I value highly.  At the moment, I'm studying biomechanics and pain science through training with Kathryn Bruni-Young. The material is inspiring because it blends so many different areas of study into one and necessitates looking at the individual needs of the person being treated.


For the past few years, I've begun looking to peers outside of the yoga community, in the fields of sports science, trauma research, modern psychology and physical therapy to refine my approach of teaching. Incorporating what I've learned from these sectors into my yoga classes helps me to offer the most relevant sequences, movements, hands-on-assist and cues that would best serve the modern Western student body. I'm excited about what our bodies are capable of doing — or learning to do — and believe that our world gets bigger when our bodies and minds are supported in adapting to change and stress.

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