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I found yoga at the age of 18 years old with Modo Yoga in London, Ontario. Ironically, I didn't like my first class! What was with all the heavy breathing and sweating?! But the sensation of being SO connected to my breath *after* the class woke up a new awareness in me and I kept coming back. At 19, I went to Queen's University to study business. Everyone around me was talking about becoming an accountant or a brand manager but none of that inspired me. It dawned on me during Frosh Week that, hey! yoga is a business! and I could pursue that even if it was different from what my peers were doing. 


I kept practicing throughout university and after graduating I jetted off to teacher training and became a certified yoga teacher with Modo Yoga. The trouble was that I had already committed to a corporate contract in Marketing at Telus, so I paused my yoga career, moved to Toronto and suited up in a big, corporate, sky-high tower downtown. Working in corporate lasted a total of 9 months before I quit and b-lined for yoga full-time. 


For the next 10 years, I dedicated myself to mastering the art and science of teaching yoga in many different forms and contexts: group yoga classes, private yoga classes, workshops, multi-class series and international retreats. I began to mentor new yoga teachers under Modo Yoga's brand. I travelled the world from India to Vietnam, Australia, Costa Rica and across Canada and the U.S., seeking opportunities to teach and study under renowned yoga teachers and various traditional lineages. I ran yoga retreats locally around Ontario, nationally in B.C. and internationally in Costa Rica. I even became staff with a multi-national, traditional yoga school with the full intention of becoming a monk. However, at the age of 29, I decided that this wasn't the path for me and I chose to rejoin the world. 


Through my travels, I met my now-wife, Christa, and we returned to live in London, ON where I reacclimated to modern life and taught yoga full-time. In 2020, the pandemic hit and the yoga industry was turned upside down. I, like the rest of the fitness industry, scrambled to keep going with our facilities shut down and our students at home. I started an online yoga platform to support my small, global community of members through those tough times. Around the same time, Modo Yoga International and lululemon saw the work I was doing and I landed two big new contracts. In 2021, Modo Yoga hired me to facilitate their teacher trainings and not long after, to lecture at their trainings and I became a brand ambassador with lululemon (#itwasabigyear).


My partner and I moved to Vancouver in 2023 and, having established my brand as a yoga teacher, I am now refocusing and expanding my offerings with a focus on yoga teacher mentorship and teacher development services. I have a goal of launching a group mentorship program in 2025. 


Having seen both the incredible healing potentials of this ancient tradition and this industry's equally dark sides, I am honoured to dedicate my life to contributing to the levelling-up of standards in this industry through the work that I do with yoga teachers and yoga students. 

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