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Sequencing and Theming
Teacher Training

Memorable yoga classes that stand out from the masses don't happen by accident; it takes intentional effort and planning to put together classes that leave an impact. When you have the know-how to plan your classes effectively, the quality of your classes increases leading to better learning and progress for your students, and therefore higher satisfaction and retention rates.

Friday, May 3 - Sunday, May 5, 2024


9AM - 5PM

hosted by &asanas at 140 Ann St. in London, ON


No more creative burnout

This is a 3-day workshop for yoga teachers who want let go of feeling creatively burned out from over or under-planning their classes, teaching classes that feel void of meaning to them and their values or lost as to how to teach the things that *really* light them up. This training will provide teachers with industry-best structures and frameworks for designing unique, creative and accessible yoga classes. 

This is the smart sequencing training you've been waiting for.

This training is for teachers who are keen to level-up the quality of their classes, save themselves time and energy and have their classes be an expression of their deepest values as a teacher. Being able to consistently deliver high quality learning experiences for your yoga students is what will lead to bigger opportunities like private yoga clients, sold out workshops and retreats and multi-class series. It all starts with refining the skill of teaching effective, inclusive, empowering group classes and building the rest of your suite of offerings from there. 

With these class planning and theming skills you will:

1 / Build confidence

Never feel flustered/grasping for straws/making it up on the fly while you’re teaching ever again. Gain confidence in the quality of the class you're teaching and by extension, yourself as a teacher.

2 / Set up your students for success

Be able to teach complex shapes, transitions and concepts because you’ve put in the pre-planning work and know how to set your students up for success through posture progressions and regressions.

3 / Show up as your best self

Be able to relax, trust in your plan, and have some fun while you’re teaching. You’ll feel inspired, connected and motivated to continue showing up as your best self for your group classes because you’re lit up by the content you’re offering

4 / Rediscover your passion for practice

Reignite your passion for your own practice because you’re challenged to keep learning and growing – no more going on auto-pilot and teaching the same thing over and over again thus feeling tuned out and burned out from too much repetition

5 / Help your students progress in their practice

Be able to structure a multi-week class curriculum to build skills with your students that will actually stick – students want to see that they’re learning, growing and progressing in some way in their practice. We’ve gotta give them the opportunity to try hard/new things more than once.

6 / Be more efficient with your time and energy

Save yourself SO MUCH TIME in planning your classes by letting go of the feeling that you need to reinvent the wheel with every class you teach. You’ll learn to strike a delicate balance between repetition and novelty.

Designing yoga classes is making art.

Class sequencing and theming is a deeply personal intellectual and artistic process. A great sequence strikes a magical balance between critical thinking and planning skills and channeling your values, strengths, imagination and excitement for yoga to be shared with others. When the head and the heart work together to create a yoga practice that empowers your students to learn in a supportive environment… well… that’s what makes for an exceptional class!

*chef’s kiss* 😘🤌

More of that please!!!

Key Topics Covered

Below is a sample of some of the key topics covered. For the full list, please visit the registration page.


Master Sequencing Template

Learn the basic formula for designing *any* style of class (Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, etc.)

Yoga at Home

Applied Anatomy, 
Progressions & Regressions and Progressive Overload

Apply simply anatomy principles to how you build up to or regress from a peak shape so everyone can join in


Flow State & the Energetic Arc of a Class

Lean about the overarching energetic narrative that makes for a deeply enjoyable practice


Creating Inclusive Classes for All

How to offer options, use props and language in a way that your classes are accessible and appropriately challenging


Multiple Sequencing Styles

Peak and Double Peak Pose, Ladder Flows, General Practice, Shape-Based Practice

bipoc yoga.jpg

Values Exploration and Dharma Talks

Explore your values as a teacher and practice crafting short and impactful dharma talks to bring philosophy into the classroom

Child's Pose

Sample Schedule

9-10:15AM Practice

10:15-10:30AM Break

10:30-12PM Sequence Analysis and Lecture

12-1PM Lunch

1-3PM Sequencing Lab

3-3:30PM Break

3:30-5PM Practice Teaching, Sequence Presentations and
Group Discussion

Fitness Wear

Get hands-on support

Unlike other sequencing trainings where you mostly practice other peoples’ sequences, you will be given time to design, teach and receive feedback on your work to elevate your craft to its most brilliant expression.

What's Included?

  • Training Manual

  • Master Class Planning Template (PDF)

  • Class planning worksheets

  • Dharma Talk Design worksheets

  • Values Exploration worksheets

  • 10 sample sequences

  • 6 hours of yoga labs to practice designing sequences, teaching your sequences and receiving feedback

In our training together, I guarantee you will walk away with the foundational skills, practice time and feedback to execute masterful class sequences.

Registration Fee

$349 + HST

*Payment plans available

** Two sliding scale spots available for members of the BIPOC and LGBTQ communities

Please email to inquire about special payment arrangements

Yoga Pose


My name is Katarina Wittkamp

Since 2011, I have been offering workshops, courses and global retreats in addition to private and group classes. I am a yoga teacher mentor (check out my 1:1 mentorship program!) and yoga teacher trainer specializing in yoga postures, sequencing and the business of teaching yoga. 


My teachings centre around a few major themes: self-compassion, anatomy-informed sequencing, cultivation of strength, celebrating diversity and curiosity with what’s possible. All of these qualities are taught with big doses of kindness and humour. 

I have been studying and practicing sequencing for over a decade and have had the great privilege of learning from exceptional teachers like Jules Mitchell, Kathryn Bruni-Young, Jason Crandell, Kate Gillespie, Matt Phippen, Tahl Rinsky and Bess Prescott. 

I find the blank canvas of an empty page to channel inspiration, play, and thoughtfulness to prepare students for a journey to move through together is deeply inspiring. Sharing personal anecdotes, dharma talks, creative use of props and hands-on assists are all powerful tools that I blend to authentically connect and augment the in-class experience for my students.


I live in Vancouver, B.C. with my wife, Christa and our two cats, Piccolo and Pipa. I have a deep love for composting, rereading Harry Potter and being in any body of water. If I could live off of one food for the rest of my life without consequences it would be ice cream.

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What is the schedule of the day?

9-5PM every day


If I can’t be there for a portion of one day, is that okay?



What is the cancellation and refund policy?

All registration fees are non-refundable or transferable. Cancellations due for medical or family emergencies will be issued a credit on account to be applied to any other service or training with Katarina Yoga (not applicable for retreats).


Will lululemon be contributing to this event?

Maybe… 🤫

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