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Reiki is a form of energy healing. It originates from Japan and was discovered by a lay monk named Usui Sensei.


In the same way that your physical body can develop "knots" (adhesions or scar tissue), your energetic body can develop "knots". These energetic knots are sometimes called "blockages". These "knots" or "blockages" can result in the energy in your body not flowing as it's meant to which could result in symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, digestive issues, difficult emotional patterns or thoughts, low self esteem, difficulty concentrating, low libido, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and so on. Reiki is a practice of working with the subtle energy in your body to allow it to return to its natural flow.


This is a deeply relaxing treatment that is suited for anyone interested in exploring their subtle inner world and to gain clarity around lingering challenges. 

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