available in-person with COVID safety measures or at a distance to anywhere in the world

Reiki is a form of energy healing which originates from Japan and was discovered by a lay monk named Usui Sensei.


In the same way that your physical body can develop "knots" (adhesions or scar tissue), your energetic body can develop "knots". These energetic knots are sometimes called "blockages". These "knots" or "blockages" can result in the energy in your body not flowing as it's meant to which could result in symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, digestive issues, difficult emotional patterns or thoughts, low self esteem, difficulty concentrating, low libido, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and so on. Reiki is a practice of working with the subtle energy in your body to allow it to return to its natural flow.


This is a deeply relaxing treatment that is suited for anyone interested in exploring their subtle inner world. 


Distance Reiki treatments work just like a regular treatment in person but the set up is a little different.

Here is how it works:

  • I will text you around 30 minutes before we're scheduled to start to encourage you to transition toward rest.

  • Let the other members of your household (including pets!) know that you'll be away for the duration of the treatment and to please only disturb in case of emergency. This is a special time for self-care, quiet and focus; the treatment will be more effective if you're able to deeply relax without worry of interruption. 

  • Find a quiet, warm and comfortable comfortable place where you can lie still for the duration of our treatment (your bed works well!)

  • A few minutes before the treatment is set to begin, I will text you to confirm that you're ready.

  • Our treatment will begin at the scheduled time and end an hour later.

  • I will text you again once the treatment has concluded. Take a few minutes to note down any observations of the treatment such as physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, visions, questions, etc.

  • A few minutes later, I'll give you a call to debrief the experience for about 15-20 minutes.

If you have any questions, please ask.

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