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I first discovered yoga at the age of 18. Funnily enough, I disliked my first class! There was so much about the experience that felt uncomfortable -- what was with the loud breathing and the weird postures and the laying on the floor all the time? Though those elements were uncomfortable, I later came to see that I also struggled with the self-criticism, anxiety and perfectionism that I had felt for my whole life but was unacknowledged and unaddressed.


What got me to come back was the feeling I felt after class. It happened in a moment. I was standing outside of the studio, fully wrapped up in my winter gear and I took in a deep, lung-full, breath of cold Canadian winter air. In that moment, I felt my breath more clearly in my body than I had ever before and it was like coming alive for the first time. That's when I felt like there was possibly more to this practice than meets the eye.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce from Queen's School of Business in 2011, I tried to make a go working in corporate. It lasted all of (a very painful) 9 months. OncEI got clear that yoga was where I felt most called to be, I pivoted my path and haven't looked back since. 


Since making the switch, yoga has offered me enormous opportunity for growth and development that I am passionate about sharing with others. I share these teachings through workshops and retreats, private and group classes and by teaching at yoga teacher trainings and mentoring new yoga teachers. In doing this work, I've had the enormous privilege of teaching around the world in places like Vietnam, Australia, India, across Canada and the U.S. There is quite literally nothing else I can see doing with my one preciously life. 

My time spent around the world gave me a unique opportunity to learn in a traditional context at a Vedic Yoga Ashram and live the teachings as a way of being. The traditional yogic teachings I learned in this environment have profoundly impacted me and my work; the spirit of these teachings still ring true in my heart.

Since spending time within this system, I turned my focus toward the study of physiology and anatomy and take great joy in the creative process of class design as a means of personal expression. I share this joy of anatomy, sequencing and teaching skills through the courses, workshops and mentorship that I offer to yoga teachers from around the world.

Currently, I'm currently studying self-compassion and other mental health practices with teachers like Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield and Kristin Neff. Some of my other main influences are Michael Stone, Tahl Rinsky, Julia Cowan, Kate Gillespie, Matt Phippen and Annette Mellor.


Blending Eastern philosophy and heart-based practices with Western science and physiology informs my balanced and multidisciplinary approach. In essence, I consider myself an optimist, hopeful about our capacity to grow, adapt, heal and learn. I'm excited about what our bodies and minds are capable of. Through my own journey of growth I have learned that the world gets bigger when our bodies and minds are supported in adapting to change and stress and this is what I am inspired to offer to you.

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