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Available online or in-person

Working with me 1:1 gives you the tools to individualize and actualize the process of self-discovery and personal transformation. The philosophies of the East with the science of the West combine to provide a gateway to a more enriched life that can help you feel more in tune with yourself and the world around you. Whether you're new to yoga or are a long-time practitioner, there's always something to learn in this life-long practice and receiving proper support along the path is essential.

Private yoga classes are an excellent way to have your needs met with the focus of the teacher exclusively on you.

Each person's yoga practice is unique to their physiological and psychological makeup and thus private sessions are about cultivating wellness and balance for each individual as a unique person. When we work together, we can support you in your journey, no matter how much or how little experience you may have or what the condition of your health may be.




New Students

Develop a better understanding of the fundamentals of yoga practice.

  • Learn an uncomplicated approach to Yoga for everyday people. 

  • Learn key modifications to postures to suit your body's needs that will let Yoga feel accessible and FUN

  • Start incorporating simple breathing techniques into your everyday life to help manage stress.

  • Begin a meditation practice and learn to cultivate mental and physical stability and ease.

Experienced Students

Develop an array of more complex yogic techniques.

  • Revisit the roots of your practice and discover a fresh approach to Yoga to deepen your knowledge.

  • Develop competency with more challenging yoga postures (such as arm balances and inversions) for better strength, mobility and PLAY!

  • Learn more complex breathwork (pranayama) and be supported in developing a daily practice for balance of your nervous system.

  • Be supported in establishing or continuing with your meditation practice.

  • Learn to incorporate the study and application of Yoga Philosophy to your Life to nurture clarity, wisdom and inspiration.

Regardless of your experience level we can focus on: 

  • mobility

  • flexibility

  • injury rehab

  • easing of chronic pain




Based on your needs, classes may incorporate movement principles from Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative Yoga, Pilates, isometrics, pranayama (breathwork) and deep rest.

Private classes are all about you, your needs, and your capabilities free of judgement and bolstered with encouragement. Our scheduling is flexible to meet your needs, helping to keep your priorities in check. There is no template or ideal way to go about these sessions. We work together from where you are today to help you to improve your quality of life based on your goals.

What I love, and find particularly unique, is her multi-disciplinary approach that weaves together principles of yoga and more traditional fitness techniques.  This allows her to be highly flexible and responsive- able to fine-tune the essentials of each session week to week.

- Debbie C., Canada

  • learning/relearning a movement or posture

  • improved digestion

  • improved quality of sleep

  • emotional regulation

I've been practicing yoga on and off with Kat for almost ten years, and she has consistently been a standout teacher amongst many others I've practised with. She brings a holistic understanding of the link between movement and meditation, which provides for an incredible sense of depth and understanding in her classes. I'm always learning something new with Kat, rather than just moving through the flow of the practice.​

- Connie K., Canada

Book your private sessions today so we can begin your personalized yoga journey. 

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