Available online or in person with COVID precautions in place.

Private yoga classes are an excellent way to have your needs met with the focus of the teacher exclusively on you. Whether you're new to yoga or are a long-time practitioner, there's always something to learn!

Yoga is an intimate experience that allows us to develop balance, both mentally and physically. The philosophies of the East with the science of the West combine to provide a gateway to a more enriched life that can help you feel more in tune with yourself and the world around you.


Each person's yoga practice is unique to their physiological and psychological makeup and thus private sessions are about cultivating wellness and balance for them. When you come in for your individual sessions, we can help you get to where you want to go, regardless of your experience level.

New students can develop a better understanding of the fundamentals of yoga practice (the how and why we do different yoga practices) while experienced students can develop an array of yogic techniques such as meditation and breathwork, advanced yoga postures and delve into the study of yoga philosophy.

Regardless of your experience level we can work on mobility, flexibility, injury rehab, chronic pain, or a particular movement or posture.

Based on your needs, classes can incorporate movement principles from hatha and vinyasa yoga, Pilates, breathwork and deep rest. Private classes are all about you, your needs, and your capabilities free of judgement and filled with encouragement. Scheduling is flexible to meet your needs, helping to keep your priorities in check.

There is no template or ideal way to go about these sessions. We work together from where you are today to help you to improve your quality of life, regardless of where we’re starting from. 

Begin booking your private sessions today so we can begin your personalized yoga journey. 

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