Available online or in person with COVID precautions in place.

Private yoga classes are an excellent way to have your needs met with the focus of the teacher 

exclusively on you. Whether you're new to yoga or are a long-time practitioner, there's always something to learn!

Each person's yoga practice is unique to their physiological and psychological makeup and thus their private sessions are about cultivating wellness and balance for them. I take great pleasure and joy in getting to know the clients with whom I work, whether they're a seasoned practitioner looking for new and creative ideas for their vinyasa practice, a 70 year old retiree looking to enjoy their body in movement and cultivate strength or a 60 something factory manager with long-term arthritis and chronic pain. I value working with all clients in all states of mental and physical health. 

So, whether your goals are to develop strength, mobility, flexibility, injury rehab, chronic pain or a particular movement/posture that you're working towards, you can ask for what you want. Based on your needs, classes can incorporate movement principles from hatha and vinyasa yoga, Pilates, breathwork and deep rest. We can work around your schedule so that your practice remains a priority in your life. 

Practice one-on-one with me to explore your body's capabilities, develop resilience and cultivate calm in your life.

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