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New Podcast: Cult Dynamics in the Yoga World

I recorded a conversation with my dear friend and colleague, Sophie Malouin, of the Aligned Living Podcast a few months ago. I’ve been scared/excited (scited?) to share this with you all and the day has finally come. In this episode we discuss a very juicy topic… Cult dynamics in the yoga world.

We talk about what a cult actually is and also my personal experience with cult-like dynamics in the yoga world.

We explore who might be drawn to cult-like organizations and how I found myself involved with one.

We talk about my experience living at an ashram, what was positive and not so positive about this experience and how I finally left.

We talk about the signs of cult-like dynamics, what to do if you find yourself in a cult and my healing journey after leaving.

This episode is required listening for anyone who engages with the yoga world — student or teacher. It’s a raw and real reflection on the dark side of the yoga industry and I am so grateful to Sophie for creating a space to share my experience.

If you do listen, I would love to hear your thoughts on how this episode landed with you.

Happy listening and with much love,


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