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On-Demand Class Recommendations for Runners

Consider me a sommelier of yoga and movement classes 😜

When you're into a specific activity, like running, it can be helpful to be pointed in the right direction to find classes that are going to be the most helpful for the activity that you're practicing on the regular. Repetitive strain injuries are real for runners because well... you're mostly moving your body in one plane of movement repeatedly sometimes for hours on end.

In Ayurveda (the health and wellness sister science of yoga), there is a saying that goes "like increases like and opposites balance."

Let's apply that to movement practices.

While running, if you're only moving your body in the front-to-back plane as your primary mode of movement, you'll likely feel stronger, more resilient, have better endurance, and be less prone to injuries if you practice complimentary movements in all the other ranges of motion available to you (side to side, twisting, circles). It's so straightforward, but yes, takes some discipline to adhere to especially when you just love your activity so dang much!

I get it. If I could just focus on the bendy, stretchy yoga stuff, part of me would love that. But another part of me knows that that leads to pain, less stability and therefore less ease in the rest of my life. So I put on my Discipline Pants and I find joy in the stuff that I'm perhaps less automatically good at/drawn to. And hey! The other stuff gets easier with more and more practice.

So ALL THAT TO SAY... Here's a shortlist of recommended classes from my on-demand library for folks who RUN. These are classes that will help to relieve tension in your core, hips, knees, and feet. You can use some of the classes as a cool down after a run OR separately on rest days in order to build strength in those key areas.




Happy trails and please let me know in the comments below how you experience these classes if you end up taking one!

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