We do yoga differently.

Let’s talk about the benefits to our approach. Since Katarina Yoga started operating in August of 2020, I decided to take a slightly different approach to teaching group classes. Oh heck, let’s go for bold: I decided to do it quite differently.

What you normally see taught at most yoga studios are either set sequences or randomly sequenced classes. These two styles have their benefits. For one, students get a sense of continuity with set-sequences. This is great for a society that is suffering from decision-fatigue. Set sequences foster a sense of safety in an unstable world and allow students to come into a feeling of mastery over the movements they repeat often. On the other end of the spectrum you have randomly sequenced classes and they can feel fun and spontaneous. This is awesome if a person’s life feels a bit hum-drum and in need of more pizzazz (see: lockdown life). For the longest time, I’ve been a strong practitioner and teacher in these styles of classes. This is why I still practice and teach them.

But are they my primary method of practice and teaching today?


Let’s unpack the reasons why.

The key draw-backs to these styles are that they don’t offer a balanced blend of consistency and