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Twisting and Pulling at Katarina Yoga

We’ll be exploring the movement and strength of the rotational core and pulling muscles during the Feb-March Semester at Katarina Yoga.

That means we’re playing with postures like revolved triangle and revolved half moon and helping ourselves feel free, stable and strong while in them.

Core muscles will be stimulated through these intelligently sequenced classes and your upper back and shoulders will get extra time in the limelight through the use of resistance bands.

Haven’t got your resistance bands yet? Get them ASAP here!

Why is this awesome?

Traditional yoga practice involves a ton of pushing strength.

Think of Plank pose… Downward Dog.... Chaturanga… Table Top... Handstand... Forearm stand...

See a theme there?

All these shapes involve pushing the ground away from you. We rarely have the opportunity to leverage our pulling strength for well-rounded use of our upper back.

Add on the fact that we spend most of our modern lives with our arms in front of us while typing, reading, driving, scrolling, cooking… and well you’ve got a lot of repetitive use of your shoulders in one plane of movement.

Is this the end of the world?


Could it still be a bit better?


We can create a well-rounded experience in our bodies, one that leaves us feeling balanced and whole (to reflect the wholeness that already exists inside of us.)

We’ll be engaging our beloved (but sometimes underused) shoulder muscles(rotator cuff, deltoids), upper back muscles (rhomboids, traps, lats, serratus anterior) and core muscles (obliques, transverse abdominus, erector spinae).

It’s going to be a terrific series for folks who have discomfort in their upper back, who are stoked about nurturing their core strength or who need new inspiration in their practice.

Get a free week by emailing Paige at and she’ll set you up with a free account.!

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