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We're Cool for the Summer

Hey there!

We’re (nearly) officially in Summer Season in the Northern Hemisphere.

The days are hot and humid which can make it a struggle to concentrate and feel alert. Have you noticed yourself feeling lethargic and heavy throughout the day because it’s so dang hot?

Thankfully, I've got 5 great tips for managing your body temp in easy peasy ways that don't require an A/C unit. Booyah!

Top 5 Tips for Staying Cool in the Summer (without A/C)

1. Move your body in the morning when the temperature tends to be cooler to get your sweat glands flowing.

If you’re a light-sweater, reminding your body to sweat through biking/running/walking/dancing/yoga-ing in the morning will help keep you cooler throughout the rest of the day as temperatures rise. I learned this while living in Costa Rica for a few months during their hot and dry season where temperatures were often in the thirties by 10AM!

2. Cold showers a few times/day

Not for the whole Wim Hof, cold water exposure trend? I knowwww… I know. I’m not a

swimming-in-cold-water person either, but the cold shower? That’s something else! You don’t have to be too radical about it. Think luke-warm water and give yourself a rinse off if you’re feeling hot & bothered. It’s like pressing a quick reset button on your mood and your B.O ;-) Another lesson learned in Costa Rica.

3. More rest and down time (Savasana is your friend).

Especially in the mid-afternoon. This does wonders for recharging your depleted battery when we’re overheated and struggling to continue with the day. No, the answer is probably not to take another coffee (which is heating!)

4. Legs up the wall to reduce swelling of feet/ankles

This is something I recommend trying in the evening when you’re nearing bedtime. Sometimes our feet and ankles will swell due to water retention on hot days and laying on the floor with your legs up a wall will help to reduce the swelling. Stay in that position for as long as feels comfortable or around 10 minutes if your body permits! Pro tip: try not to scroll your phone during this time and let the motor of your mind cool off from taking in new information, too ;-)

5. Hang out in open spaces in nature

This is Mama Nature’s A/C! Sit in the shade and let your sense of sight take in the nature around you. Being in nature has a cooling and calming effect on your nervous system. Bye, bye screens.

Thanks for reading everyone and I hope that these resources are of benefit to you.

I also hope to see you out for some classes again soon.



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