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How the Online Studio Works & November's Curriculum

Hi reader, practitioner, friend,

There's been a lot of progress on projects in the background here at Katarina Yoga Headquarters (i.e. my kitchen table). I've also been getting questions on how the Online Studio works so I thought I'd share that info here with some lesser known but AWESOME perks of practicing with Katarina Yoga.

The Day-to-Day: Live Classes

I teach three different live classes/week (great for accountability & community connection). You can read the description of the classeshereand check out the schedulehere.This is important: All class recordings are sent out to registrants and are available for5 days thereafter. Practice on your time, anytime!

Monthly: Curriculum

We practice based on a monthly curriculum. This means that there’s a central point of focus in set sequence for each class type for about 4-5 weeks. Yes, werepeat the same sequence for each different classfor a monthwhich helps us to:

  • Develop competency within the skill that we’re trying to learn

  • Relax a little more because we know what's coming

  • Feel confident about knowing what movements are included in this class

  • Learn how to modify the sequence to suit your needs

November’s Curriculum

Vinyasa & Functional Vinyasa: Hip Flexion (closed hip joint). That will look like practicing postures like Warrior 2, Triangle, Chair, Seated Forward Fold, Firefly, Standing Single Leg Raise, etc. A lot of us experience limited range of motion here and are not necessarily strong. These are still well-rounded classes but there is a focus on hip flexion.

Subtle Practice: Supporting the body’s nervous system is down-regulation by stimulating the Parasympathetic Nervous System (rest & digest response), supporting our health as we transition toward Winter, clearing the sinuses and centring the mind.

Last, Two Big Updates:

Online Library of On-Demand Classes Coming Nov 1

Come November 1st, we’ll be moving to a new service provider where members will have access to anonline library of on-demand classes. This is huge! You'll have access to a variety of classes and class lengths including shorter 5, 10, 20 + 30 minute classes (coming soon!). This will make it easier than ever to thread yoga into your life.

Price Increase Nov 1

To reflect the improved service offering of the online library, there will be a 13% price increase come Nov 1. Buy what you want now and save! You'll be grandfathered in at the rate you select. Pricing information can be foundhere.

Other Fun Stuff

There are also monthly special events, workshops, courses and community meetings where we discuss yoga philosophy (called a Satsang). It’s a pretty robust place for yoga and movement related education and practices! I sincerely hope you’ll join and that I see you soon for class! Katarina

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